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She is worse than my older sister, or is starting to seem like it, which is really, really, really, bad. First of all, she says things to me and my brother like "Eat my donut" and "Suck you" which pretty much mean eat my dick and fuck you. she is.

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An older sister is precious and people who have an older sister know following15 great things. 1. She is your personal life adviser. Whenever things get tough, you can always turn to your older sister for a glass of something strong and a heart-to-heart. From your first boyfriend to how to pay taxes, your older sister often seems like an.


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#shorts #shortsvideo Older, but shorter 😆 @linda.lime #Siblings #fruitsisters #foryou.

Sometimes, the worst feeling is being the 90 year old in the room who is shorter and much older than everybody else. That is essentially how my hometown, Cary, probably feels, because it is older but smaller than its "sibling", Raleigh.

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