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Auto cut circuit for over and under voltage

You can implement this over-voltage protection relay circuit in your home as a high voltage regulator. Circuit Diagram of Over Voltage Protection Circuit Components Required for High Voltage Cut Off Circuit Transformer (110V to 12V or 230V to 12V) Diodes (1N4007 x 5) Zener diode (6.2V) Capacitor (1000µF, 25V) Resistors (5.6kΩ; 6.8kΩ; 1kΩ).

Rated voltage: 230V; Frequency: 50Hz Product description: Auto Recovery Over Voltage And Under Voltage Protective Device INQUIRY I.Function: 1. Under voltage protection 175V 2. Over.

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When the battery dips under 4V the op amp (which is connected as a comparator) will go high: for low just swap the inputs. You'll also need a single supply op amp for this. MCP6231-E/P is the cheapest I could find at .38 a piece at digikey. I expect this to be a discussion thread, so come on back with some questions. Attachments vmon.GIF. The circuit cuts off the power supply after desired thickness of metal is plated over cathode, thus automating the process of electroplating. The electroplating apparatus would then be used for process evaluation of copper electroplating.

Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop SHIKANG 5PCS XH-M609 Low Voltage Disconnect Switch Cut Off Digital LED Display Over-Discharge Protect for 12-36V Lithium Battery.

Connect your light bulb to the load output terminal. And link the power supply to the battery input terminal. Ensure that your potentiometer sets at the midpoint. Also, your variable voltage.

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