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Beef tallow 50 lbs

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Available Now! Tallow (Rendered Grass-Fed Beef Fat) PREMIUM COOKING FAT 8lb. Tallow be thy name! This new dairy-free tallow butter substitute is made from high-quality grass-fed beef fat. It can be melted on steaks, chops, seafood, or used as a 1:1 replacement for butter with meat seasoning. Finally, a solution for all of our paleo, keto, and.

$ 18.50 /lb. Avg. 1lb . Add to Cart. ... one vacuum bag of beef tallow and suet $ 5.50 /lb. Avg. 6lb . Add to Cart. Sale. ... 1 lb beef liver - 100% Grass Fed and Finished and Certified Organic $ 10.00 /lb. Avg. 1.9lb . Sold Out. Beef Tongue. one beef tongue - Certified Organic and 100% Grass Fed **we also have pork tongue**.

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GrassFed Beef and Bacon Patties, 3 per pound. Ten Packages at a time. $ 11.59 /lb. Avg. 10lb . Add to Cart. ... Beef Tallow, un-rendered. Also known as beef fat. $ 1.00 /lb. Avg. 5lb . Add to Cart. Sale. ... $ 12.50. Add to Cart. Sale. Refrigerator Magnet. Magnet with the North Pasture Farms Logo $ 0.00.

Straining directly into a jar. Pour into your jars OR line baking pans with parchment paper or waxed paper and pour the liquid fat into the pans. Allow it to harden completely. If you are using fat from a beef-breed animal (Angus or Hereford for example), your tallow should turn a creamy white as it cools.

Tallow provides an excellent alternative to olive oil for frying because it doesn’t break down under heat like some vegetable oils do (e.g., corn). Beef suet and beef tallow are both rendered animal fats. Beef suet is the fat from around the kidneys and loins, while beef tallow is taken from just below the hide on a cow’s back.

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