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Some of the best names are the ones that are inspired by your betta's lovely natural color. Whether you're looking for funny betta fish names or just something to match their beautiful coloring, we have a ton of unique ideas. Check them out below. (And if you need more name ideas, check out our megalist of fish names.) Betta Fish Names by Color.

Tom. Tony. Whiskey. Willy. Wolverine. Yan. Zed. If you are thinking of a name for your pet fish, but haven't actually adopted one yet, there are certain things you should think about. Our article on the best freshwater fish for a home aquarium is a great way to help get you started.

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Once you’ve figured that out, you can come up with a unique funny betta fish name. America’s Most Wanted Aries – a fire sign of the zodiac (a red betta) Betta Cooper – Betty Cooper from. Malee ("flower" in Thai) Nearidei ("a white flower" in Cambodian) Ransei ("ray of light" in Cambodian) Flamboyant Names for Betta Fish With their dramatic fins and personalities, it can be fun to use names based on fashionable, glamourous, or colorful characters, like those found on the stage, at the opera, or other entertainment.

Crown tail and half-sun bettas go well with names derived from royalty, as their fins and tails form "crown-like" shapes. These names work well for any color betta, particularly gold shades,.

This list of 100 fish names will give you tons of ideas for funny, cute, cool and overall good fish names. These fish names include betta, goldfish, and more.

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