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Boyfriend keeps liking instagram models

Why does my boyfriend follow Instagram models: Now, if you read the previous paragraph, you may be confused as to why we are now talking in a different one about “following” Instagram models, rather than liking their pictures.

My best friend’s father keeps liking photos of young boy models on Instagram Advice on what to do if you suspect someone’s sexually attracted to children by Dan Savage April 25, 2019 August 18.

My boyfriend keeps following and liking naked instagram/tiktok accounts. Honestly, I saw my boyfriend following a bunch of naked models and how he liked their pictures for the first time last month. I expressed to him how I just don't particularly like to see it and how I feel like he's disrespecting me in a way by being a fan of all these.

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Firstly, you should tell him how you feel about it, I understand that i is normal for him but, I also understand that it makes you feel like you are not enough. If he cares about you, he will try and stop, or at least reduce it. But you also need to understand that he isn't doing it to hurt you, it's just what he sees as sexual.. 1.

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And for obvious reasons, that can ruin your relationship. #3 It causes arguments. Nobody likes to fight. That being said, if you’re always flirting with people other than your partner on Instagram, it’ll cause arguments. You’re betraying your partner. No matter which way you look at it, that’s what you’re doing.

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