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Cat lax

Cat Lax Hairball Gel. Supplied By: Dechra Vet Products (VINV-0CAT-0LAX ) SKU. 008898. Unit of. Measure 2oz. Pack.

A vet can prescribe a good laxative according to the severity of your cat's condition. Laxatone is a well known laxative for feline constipation. Medicinal paraffin is an efficient laxative, but be careful to follow the vet's prescriptions, otherwise it may cause diarrhea. Canned pumpkin is a natural laxative that may be used as a home remedy.

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Cat Lax is a laxative for cats made with cod liver oil that helps eliminate and prevent hairballs, improves digestion, and reduces vomiting. Cat Lax pet medications are also given to cats with a history of chronic constipation. It is available in a convenient 2 oz tube. Cat Lax is a palatable gel designed to treat and prevent hairballs in cats. Henry Schein Cat Laxative contains malt extract and petrolatum, natural ingredients that gently lubricate the digestive system to give a mild laxative effect. It is highly palatable and readily accepted by most cats. This product also contains added Vitamin E. Related Products; Viewed Products ; Baby powder pet cologne spray 236ml. Out of stock. CAT OATMEAL SHAMPOO.

Whether Ex-Lax can be used on a constipated pet dog is a question we get asked a lot! Yes, some owners successfully provide this laxative without incident. But Senna glycoside AKA Sennosides, the active ingredient, is rarely prescribed by vets these days. While regular Exlax is not exactly poisonous, the product can in fact cause your dog to.

Try this after talking to your vet about your pet’s constipation. 2. Pumpkin. A teaspoon of canned, pureed pumpkin once or twice a day may also help add the fiber your pet needs to go again. You can add this to your pet’s diet any time but especially if you notice that your cat is having difficulty with elimination. 3.

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