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Circle of spores druid multiclass

Is it worth Multiclassing a druid? Druids aren't, by their nature, multiclassers- especially the popular Circle of the Moon. 5E Druids benefit from every level they can. But some of the other options can get quite powerful if you combine them with a level or two of another class. Multiclassing as a Druid is worth thinking long and hard about.

5/15 gets you the best spellcasting, and better Druid spellcasting on your melee Ranger is better than scraping up a few more Ranger points if you're already multiclassing, imho. Young Red Dragon Breathes, does 15d6 or 56 damage (if GM is using the average), half if you make the Dex save. Let's assume you made it and then popped Absorb Elements..

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Nov 22, 2021 · Druids who follow the Circle of Spores path find themselves imbued with a rare ability to see potential life and beauty in decay. They can alter and shape mold and fungi into interesting and strange new life, and they wholeheartedly believe that life and death are part of the same necessary cycle, one always leading back to the other..

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