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Do lithuanians speak russian

No, from what I have observed, most young people in Lithuania don't speak Russian at all, although they might understand some of it, especially the swear words. Learning Russian hasn't been mandatory in Lithuania for decades, and it shows in the younger generation. 6 More answers below Arvydas Maldziunas.

For Romania, 17.01% of Romanians said that they were Fluent in English, 9.73% were fluent in French, 4.76% Spoke Italian, 3.13% spoke German, 2.54% Spanish and 1.53% Russian. Immigration Languages In Romania The final category that I want to touch on in this article is the immigrant languages of Romania.


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That generation, however, is fading away, whereas the new generation of Russians (educated in the schools of independent Lithuania) typically speak both Lithuanian and a western foreign language in addition to their native Russian. While the local Russian youth is well integrated, the Soviet past still causes some friction. Web.

The official language of Lithuania is Lithuanian. According to the Lithuanian population census of 2001, about 84% of the country's population speak Lithuanian as their native language,.

Keeping in touch with your Lithuanian compatriots is a big part of the expat experience and can help you understand the Russian people and their culture better. With InterNations, meeting other Lithuanians in Russia is a breeze, no matter if you are in Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Saint Petersburg or any other expat magnet across the country.

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