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A building in Paris, Texas, was destroyed after a deadly EF 3 tornado hit Lamar County on November 4, uprooting and snapping trees like “toothpicks,” according to a storm chaser who visited the area.“I don’t think anyone’s here,” Jonny Gabel can be heard saying as he films the debris at the location. The footage shows a building with a roof half-destroyed, and.

RT @NWSShreveport: EF3 tornado damage in Idabel, OK at the Trinity Baptist Church. @NWSNorman confirmed that Friday's long track tornado that struck McCurtain County and Idabel is the first EF3 tornado in the state of Oklahoma since May 25,.

Jul 27, 2014 · El Reno is no stranger to tornadoes having been struck by a violent tornado two years earlier. The tornado on 31st May 2013 was extremely violent and erratic in behaviour - now earning the title as the widest tornado in history 2.6 miles wide or 4.2km on the metric scale. The path of the tornado makes an approximate shallow U-shape moving ....

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El Reno was historic for many reasons and painted a stark picture of what can happen when things go wrong fast. One of the shocking statistics coming out of that tornado is that it went from under 1 mile wide to 2.4 miles wide in roughly 30 seconds (according to twitter accounts and eye witness, take with a grain of salt). His son Paul was also killed in the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado. By Melody KramerNational Geographic Published June 3, 2013 • 6 min read Tim Samaras, one of the world's best-known storm.

Nov 03, 2022 · The famous El Reno tornado, which is the widest tornado on record, wreaked havoc in rural central Oklahoma. This not only caused the destruction of livestock and farmland in Oklahoma, but also the death of some storm chasers unlucky enough to get caught in the middle. After the swirling storm giants, episode two is about volcanoes..

Jun 04, 2013 · The El Reno tornado killed Samaras, 55, his son Paul, 24, and chasing partner Carl Young, 45. A chasing crew from The Weather Channel was also struck by the tornado, with a chase....

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