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Girdle definition in medical dictionary


a definite pathological process having a characteristic set of signs and symptoms. It may affect the whole body or any of its parts, and its etiology, pathology, and prognosis may be known or unknown..

girdle noun us / ˈɡɝː.d ə l / uk / ˈɡɜː.d ə l / [ C ] a piece of underwear for women, worn around the waist and bottom, that stretches to shape the body [ C ] a long strip of cloth worn tied around the waist, especially in the past duncan1890/DigitalVision Vectors/GettyImages [ C usually singular ] literary something that surrounds another thing.

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(literary) a thing that surrounds something else carefully tended lawns set in a girdle of trees (old-fashioned) a belt or thick string fastened around the middle part of the body to keep clothes in position Word Origin See girdle in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary Check pronunciation: girdle.



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