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Handlebar mustache no beard

As your mustache begins to reach the desired length, use your mustache comb to form a part down the center of the hair, and rub a generous amount of wax through to hold the look in place. Use wax to twist the ends of the handlebar mustache and curl them upwards. This styling needs to be done after shampooing every morning otherwise the ....


2. Van Dyke Beard. A Van Dyke beard covers only a small patch of the chin and pairs nicely with a handlebar mustache. Wear with a side parted short hairstyle. 3. The Classic. To get the classic handlebar mustache, use a bit of facial styling product and shape the "handlebars" with your fingers.

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One of the easiest ways, once your moustache gets a little length, is to comb your moustache every day. Use a comb meant for moustaches like our Kent Moustache Comb. Starting at the crease right above your upper lip, comb your moustache out towards the edges of your lips. Do one side, then the other, repeat, and do this every day..

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