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Right now the whole file is 14GB of data compressed, or 58GB uncompressed, well within the confines of USB stick capacities. All you have to do is go to this site and download it,.

The file name will usually tell you a lot about this download – for example, the format the game is in, the languages which the game can be played in, and the file size. All this information is illustrated in the following image: When you have selected the file which you want to download, you simply want to left click on the download button. As the name might suggest, WikiHow is a wiki how-to guide, which is a populated by users of the site and powered by MediaWiki. It's essentially an extension of eHow, which itself.

The wiki I am trying to download is the STARGATE wiki. My email is [email protected] PLEASE GET BACK TO ME! Thanks in advance, DB. You can get a XML dump of the site at the bottom of the Special:Statistics page. There are no images with that file though. You can search inside the file though it is messy with all the formatting.

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In your wiki page markup, add the file link in the following format: [link text] (files/path/to/file "ALT TEXT") For example: [Project Presentation] (files/project-presentation.pdf "Project Presentation PDF") Commit and push.

Click on it if you want to remove it. To add more pages or articles, open the page and click on the same link. Yet another way to add more articles to your ebook is by hovering your mouse over a link, which will display a small popup box saying Add linked wiki page to your book. Click on it to add this Wikipedia article to your ebook.

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