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Indiana snakes

Identification Adult Timber Rattlesnakes are among the most distinctive snakes in Indiana as they are incredibly large and heavy-bodied with strongly keeled scales and a segmented keratinous rattle at the tip of the tail. Contrary to popular belief, the snakes are hesitant to use this rattle and prefer to remain hidden, when possible.

The 4 types of water snakes in Indiana are the common water snake, midland water snake, red-bellied water snake, and the diamondback watersnake. 1. Common water snake Common water snake on a log Scientific name: Nerodia sipedon. Web. Rat Snakes: The black rat snake, also called the eastern rat snake, is one of the larger snakes found in Indiana. They usually have black bodies with white necks. These snakes have a diet that consists of a variety of creatures, such as rodents, birds, amphibians, and sometimes even fish. The eastern rat snake can be two to eight feet long and ....


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Venomous snake species in Indiana: Copperhead - Only found in southern half of the state. Cottonmouth - State Endangered - Only found in one small area in southwestern Indiana. Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake - Federally Threatened - Northern third of Indiana. Timber Rattlesnake - State Endangered - South central Indiana. Reproduction.


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