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Inequalities corbettmaths pdf

inequalities videos 176, 177 on corbettmaths question 1: write out the following with either an symbol (a) 8 6 (b) 2 3 (c) 7 10 (d) 5 0 (e) 4 −1 (f) −4 6 (g) 9 9.4 (h) 0 −1 question 2: write down an inequality for each of the following (a) x is greater than 8 (b) x is less than 3 (c) x is less than or equal to 1 (d) x is greater than or equal to.

Web. Inequality, number line. Textbook Exercise. Previous Negative Indices Textbook Exercise.

Solving Inequalities Videos 178 and 179 on Question 3: The perimeter of the regular pentagon is larger than the perimeter of the equilateral triangle. (a) Form an inequality in terms of x (b) Solve the inequality to Jind the possible range of values for x. Question 4: Find the range of values of x that satisJies both.

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The Corbettmaths Practice Questions on inequalities. Videos, worksheets, 5-a-day and much more.


Corbettmaths - This video explains the different inequalities and how to write inequalities.

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