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Intune multiple domain join profiles

Role PurposeRefines and implements criteria for IT infrastructure in multiple domain areas.Role Responsibilities- Supports the technology lifecycle through the design, build and maintenance of systems, software and applications to ensure the highest quality outcomes across the domains- Makes technical design and amendment decisions- Translates business requirements into technical requirements ....

Mar 21, 2019 · Wait about 5 minutes and it should show up in your intune portal. If it doesn’t show up, you have some kind of connectivity issue. Now you need to create a Domain Join Configuration Profile. Once your profile is created, assign it to the appropriate group. Next up you need to create a Hybrid Join Autopilot Profile. Here are the details:. Sep 19, 2022 · Set up per-app VPN for iOS/iPadOS devices in Microsoft Intune. See the prerequisites, create a group for the virtual private network (VPN) users, add a SCEP certificate profile, configure a per-app VPN profile, and assign some apps to the VPN profile in Microsoft Intune on iOS/iPadOS devices. Also lists the steps to verify the VPN connection on ....

Jun 22, 2022 · This is a blog post on request. Someone commented on another post (Create Autopilot Profile Powershell) that they would like a script to create a Domain Join Profile in Intune via Powershell. Some of you need to create more than 10 of these profiles. (Some even more than a 100!) I thought that was interesting!.

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Feb 22, 2019 · Login to Azure and navigate to your Hybrid Domain Join device configuration profile in Intune, and remove the %SERIAL% variable (or any other variable) and use a simple prefix as shown below. Microsoft Intune > Device configuration – Profiles > NAME OF YOUR AZURE HYBRID JOIN PROFILE – Properties > Domain Join (Preview).

May 02, 2020 · Assign the profile to the dynamic group created earlier on: At review and create check your settings and click on create! The next and last step is the creation of the domain join profile. Go to devices: And go to Configuration profiles: Click on create profile: Select these options: Name the policy: Fill in the options:.

To manage Azure AD accounts, administrators use the Azure AD admin center, which also includes the option to synchronize the cloud-based directory with a local domain's Active Directory, an option. In a nutshell, the Primary Refresh Token (PRT) is a special high privileged refresh token where you can request access tokens for any registered application in Azure and.

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