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Mickey mouse degrees examples

Examples. In 2000, ] Other degrees deemed "Mickey Mouse" increase "golf management" in addition to "surf science". Durham University intentional an optional point centred around Harry Potter to explore "prejudice, citizenship in addition to bullying in sophisticated society" as part of a B.A. degree in Education Studies.

Aug 18, 2022 · Roughly 40pc of university degrees do not lead to an average salary above £30,000 within five years, the analysis found. Of the 74 degrees included, 14 did not exceed the student loan repayment .... Aug 18, 2022 · The research revealed that photography degrees offer the worst value for money, as graduates earn an average salary of £24,785 five years after graduation. It was followed by courses in .... Mickey Mouse degrees are degrees that are 'useless' so degrees with no proper or good job prospects at the end. E.g: Media is considered one. I think some may business but it depends what you combine it with (i would recommend combing as business by itself is vague)..

The worst-value degrees for women were social care, creative arts, agriculture, education, and sociology. The courses with the highest salary prospects for both genders were economics, medicine.

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Female graduates with a postgraduate degree in creative arts and design earn on average £20,400, while male graduates enjoy slightly higher salaries of £23,500. The best value postgraduate.

She said the table helped "nail the myth that so-called 'Mickey-Mouse' degrees in the creative industries were a waste of time". David Willetts, the Shadow Universities Secretary, said: "I think it is important for young people who are being asked to take on significant debt to know about the likely employment outcomes from their courses.

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