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Web. 6. Jackfruit. There are some list of poisonous fruits in the world to avoid. Jackfruit is a fruit with sweet taste as well as unique scent. Jackfruit is a favorite fruit of Indonesian. Nevertheless, jackfruit actually contains poison, which is a toxin. This toxin is very dangerous for person with gastric disease.

Unlike most known mycotoxins, which are soluble in organic solvents, fumonisins are hydrophilic. This makes them difficult to study. Usually they are extracted in aqueous methanol or aqueous acetonitrile . High-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescent detection is the most widely used analytic method . The fumonisin story raises the ....

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Anthurium, or flamingo flower. This is one of the single most poisonous plants for pets because both the flower and stem contain calcium oxalate. Part of what makes it so dangerous is how enticing they are, especially to cats. Ingesting it can cause facial swelling, tongue paralysis, and vomiting.


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