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Political regions of canada map

Prove it with this Canada map of Provinces and Territories quiz. Test yourself on the locations of all thirteen provinces as well as three territories - and don't forget, Nunavut is a territory, not a province ! Learn the names of cities such as Quebec city, Toronto and Vancouver..

Originally three provinces of British North America, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the Province of Canada (which would become Ontario and Quebec) united to form the new nation. Since then, Canada's external borders have changed several times, and has grown from four initial provinces to ten provinces and three territories as of 1999.. Canada covers 9,984,670 km 2 (3,855,100 sq mi) and a panoply of various geoclimatic regions, of which there are seven main regions. Canada also encompasses vast maritime terrain, with the world's longest coastline of. Canada political map This political map of Canada exhibits its ten provinces and three territories, and their capitals. "Canada is a country in North America consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean.

Original file ‎ (1,275 × 1,650 pixels, file size: 3.22 MB, MIME type: application/pdf) File information Structured data Captions English Political map of the Arctic region Summary Licensing This image is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the United States Central Intelligence Agency 's World Factbook.

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It has a diverse landscape ranging from the Rocky Mountains on the USA border, to the Arctic wilderness in the northwest territories and Nunavut as shown in the Political map of Canada. It has one land border - the Canada-United States border, which is the longest international land border in the world. Furthermore, Canada has 7 distinct regions:. Canada-Map is a site created for Canadians, tourists and travelers. You can find detailed maps of Canada cities, maps of provinces and territories, as well as the islands that belong to Canada. Canada Map allows you to find distance between cities, as the best tourist directions and routes. This service will help to find a detailed map of.

Political map, physical map, topographical map, and even a simple road map are all examples of maps.A political map is likely to be the first map that most children experience, aside from the treasure maps of pirate tales, but most will never hear the term associated with the item in front of them. Many people, in reality, go their whole lives without knowing the differences between the.

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