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Promptly in a sentence

promptly. 1. A threat should be rare and if at all necessary should be executed promptly. 2. Outside several brick-heads straggled past, making crying noises until they drew level then howled a juvenile howl to their friends inside who promptly got up, paid their bill and left. 3. He turned white as a ghost and promptly fainted.

Examples of promptly in a sentence. Promptly after receipt by the Swing Line Lender of any telephonic Swing Line Loan Notice, the Swing Line Lender will confirm with the Administrative Agent (by telephone or in writing) that the Administrative Agent has also received such Swing Line Loan Notice and, if not, the Swing Line Lender will notify the Administrative Agent (by telephone or in writing.

Promptly Sentence Examples She answered promptly, "I will pay ten cents." These discoveries were promptly recognized. "I will join you later," she said, and promptly left Carmen alone. Jellicoe was promptly appointed commander-in-chief. She promptly asked if he wanted a furnished or unfurnished apartment. How do you use promptly?.

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act promptly in a sentence 1) The public servant or public officer must act promptly . 2) They miss opportunities by failing to act promptly . 3) In such situations, you must act promptly and decisively. act promptly example sentences 4) Good governance requires that the Scottish Executive acts promptly ..

He promptly took an aircraft out to the west to recon the tower. I promptly poured myself a big, cold glass of the finest Kool-Aid. I sat up quickly and promptly knocked my head on the.

Powell took the stage and promptly threw cold water on any Wall Street hopes for a near-term pivot toward monetary easing with statements like: "It's very premature in my view to be thinking.

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