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Pt100 temperature relay

The Laureate RTD temperature transmitter provides a linearized, highly accurate, stable and repeatable transmitter output for 100 ohm platinum, 10 ohm copper and 120 ohm nickel RTDs. ... Dual solid state relays, isolated. Available for local alarm or control. Rated 120 mA at 140 Vac or 180 Vdc. ... P392F Pt 100 ANSI RTD, -331°F to 1168°F: $74.

Single Display, Relay / SSR output 48X48 mm. Product: TC513AX. 3 digit single display temperature controller. (TC: J, K, T, R, S/ RTD: PT100) sensor input. ON-OFF/Auto-tune PID control. Single set point. 10A Relay / 12V SSR control output. 48 mm x. 1) PT100 sensors, 2 or 3 wire connection, 2 thresholds adjustable 2) PT100, PT1000, KTY83, KTY84, NTC-B57227-K333-A1, 2 or 3 wire connection, 2 thresholds, multifunctional display. Open or closed circuit principle adjustable, 1 n/o, 2 c/o contacts (Typ Siemens Matsushita B57272-A333-A1 - 100 °C: 1.8 kW, 25 °C: 32.762 kW) Temperature.

Freezer temperature controller has dual digital 4 LED display, on-off control/PID control, single RTD input Pt100 (-200.0~600.0℃), relay output, miniature needle printer for temperature record in medicine freezer and cold chain.

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2021. 2. 17. · Temperature monitoring relays CM-TCS Monitoring relays for monitoring temperatures with a PT100 sensor (2- or 3-wire connection) The temperature monitoring relays CM-TCS monitor overtemperature, undertemperature, or temperatures between two threshold values (window monitoring) with PT100 sensor. As soon as the temperature falls below or.

Temperature vs. Resistance for Pt100 Sensors (Pt100 Resistance table) The chart below can be used as a referencing tool to find the relationship between a range of temperatures and resistance for Pt100 RTD sensors.Temperatures in.

100 ohm platinum RTD 3-wire element. Class A accuracy. 1/4" or 3/8" diameter, 316 SS sealed sheath. Element encased in alumina powder insulation. 4" temperature probe length. FDA compliant white thermoplastic screw cover head with captive o-ring seal. Ceramic terminal base - brass terminals with stainless steel screws.

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