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Python oauth2 refresh token example

Refresh Token — A Refresh Token is used to acquire a new Access Token after the original token generated by the Grant Flow expires or is about to expire. The Refresh Token should be stored securely by the application, and is valid for 90 days unless used, at which point the timer will reset (making this type of token effectively perpetual.

Python 3 example: Invoke a managed API with OAuth 2.0 authentication You can invoke a managed API where OAuth 2.0 authentication is enabled in Python 3. In order to invoke a managed API with the OAuth 2.0 authentication method, API consumers must request an OAuth 2.0 token from the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services OAuth 2.0 server.

If the Access Token and Refresh Token are not refreshed within 60 days, the user will need to be re-authorized. Every time an application uses the Refresh Token to get a new Access Token the Refresh Token is invalidated and a new Refresh Token is returned with the new Access Token. This new Refresh Token is then again only valid for 1 use.

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enablewebsecurity example

Apr 19, 2016 · In the docs there is an interesting example with facebook oAuth2 authentication: from rauth import OAuth2Service facebook = OAuth2Service( client_id='your_client_id', client_secret='your_client_secret', name='facebook', authorize_url='https://graph.facebook.com/oauth/authorize', access_token_url='https://graph.facebook.com/oauth/access_token', base_url='https://graph.facebook.com/').

Start by creating a new folder called python_fastapi to hold the FastAPI project: $ mkdir python_fastapi $ cd python_fastapi $ code . # opens the project with VS Code Open the integrated terminal in VS Code or your IDE and run the following commands to create a virtual environment: Windows Machine: $ py -3 -m venv venv macOS Machine:.

Press accept to accept Enter this in the running prompt: Enter verification code: <ENTER YOUR VERIFICATION CODE> Set the following as your GOOGLE_REFRESH_TOKEN: [...] 1bA [...] Now modify the Python script to fill in the refresh token with the value you got back: GOOGLE_REFRESH_TOKEN = ' [...] 1bA [...]' Step 4: start sending mail.

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