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Query to get table definition in sql server

You can simple create a synonym to point to an object, and then reference that synonym in all of your queries. You can create synonyms for tables, temp tables, views, stored procedures, and functions. The object for the synonym does not have to be exist at the time the synonym is being created.

Reports->Historical Aging Trial Balance-Detail (GP 10) pull from? Maintain a single insert, update, and delete trigger at most. Do you have any SQL scripts that would allow me to. To get the Table in information in SQL Server, we can use below Query: 1 SELECT * 2 FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS 3 WHERE TABLE_NAME = 'Users' 4 ORDER BY ORDINAL_POSITION Where' Users' is Table Name Output is shown in below snap: SQL Server INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS We can use below query also: 1 sp_Columns 'Users'. Now I am able to generate the script for a specific index. Here is the script:- CREATE PROCEDURE ScriptCreateDropIndexes_SP @TableName SYSNAME ,@SchemaName SYSNAME = 'dbo' ,@SORT_IN_TEMPDB VARCHAR (3) = 'OFF' ,@DROP_EXISTING VARCHAR (3) = 'OFF' ,@STATISTICS_NORECOMPUTE VARCHAR (3) = 'OFF' ,@ONLINE VARCHAR (3) = 'OFF' ,@Index_Name NVARCHAR (1000).

T-SQL Script to Generate a Table based on a Query During the course of this tip we will go through the process of creating a scalar function that takes a SELECT statement as a parameter and returns the CREATE TABLE script for the query, so you can pass it as a parameter to an EXEC or sp_executesql statement.

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SQL · SQL Server · Data Dictionary · Queries This is a list of handy SQL queries to the SQL Server data dictionary. You can also find 100+ other useful queries here. 1. List of tables with number of rows and comments This query returns list of tables in a database sorted by schema and table name with comments and number of rows in each table. Query.


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