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Shortest dunker

Standing at a whopping 5ft 7in, Spud Webb is the shortest dunker ever in the history of the NBA. Spudd Webb vertical leap was 42in. After leaving College, Spud Webb was.

Who is the shortest dunker ever? Let’s take a look at some and relive their highlights above the rim. The Numbers Behind The Dunk. The Shortest NBA Players to Dunk During a Game. Will. 15 Shortest Person To Dunk In The NBA 1. Muggsy Bogues - 5'3″ 2. Earl Boykins - 5'5″ 3. Greg Grant - 5'7″ 4. Keith Russell - 5'7 5. Spud Webb - 5'7 6. Charlie Criss - 5'8 7. Nate Robinson - 5'9 8. Isaiah Thomas - 5'9″ 9. Calvin Murphy - 5'9 10. Kay Felder - 5'9 11. Ty Lawson - 5'11 12. Allen Iverson - 5'11 13. Will Bynum - 5'11" 14. The shortest man to dunk is William Easton and at 5’2” he’s shorter than most individuals. But that never stopped him from enjoying the game he loved. And, of course, like every basketball.

Here's a list of players who are just above 6 foot tall or shorter that have turned out to be incredible jumpers. Short dunkers 6 foot and above: 17. Robert Pack (6'2") 16. Stephon Marbury (6'2") 15. Fred Jones (6'2") 14. Dee Brown (6'1") 13. Kevin Johnson (6'1") 12. Brandon Jennings (6'1") 11. Darrell Armstrong (6'1") 10. Jonny Flynn (6") 9.


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July 14, 2020 by Zaraki Kenpachi Porter Mayberry is 5'5" and possibly the shortest person to ever be able to dunk a basketball. Muggsy Bogues is 2" shorter than Mayberry, and Muggsy is reported to have been a dunker, but he never made a dunk while being taped or during an NBA competition.

Nate Robinson Couldn't omit the three-time dunk champion from this list of best shortest NBA dunker. At 5-9, he has the full repertoire of dunks usually reserved for someone over 6-4. Kevin Johnson Has there ever been a better dunk by a little guy on a big man, in NBA History than his dunk over Hakeem Olajuwon?.

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