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Geography Quiz; States and Capitals. US State Capitals (Multiple Choice) US State Capitals (Fill-in-the-Blank) State Abbreviations; World Capitals; African Capitals; Asian Capitals; North American Capitals; Oceania Capitals; South American Capitals; Map Quizzes. United States; Africa; Asia; Europe; South America; World Geography. Geography. This interactive educational game will help you dominate that next geography quiz on South America. (Please note that French Guiana is not an independent country, but a region of France). If you want to practice offline, download our printable maps of South America in pdf format. There is also a Youtube video you can use for memorization!.

Questions and Answers 1. India represents what percent of South Asias population? A. 40 percent B. 55 percent C. 70 percent D. 90 percent E. 20 percent 2. What Koeppen climate classification best describes South Asia?: A. A B. B C. C D. D E. E 3. The most important natural resource for people of South Asia is?: A. Coal B. Textiles C. Iron Ore D.

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This quiz includes the following places: (click on the names to see them highlighted on the map) Cambodia China Japan Laos Mongolia North Korea Philippines South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam China is officially called the People's Republic of China (PRC). Taiwan is alternatively known as the Republic of China (ROC)..

Southeast Asia is one of the most diverse regions in the world. In a relatively small location there are thousands of languages and hundreds of distinct religious practices. Lucky for you, there are not that many countries to learn! Take this free map quiz to learn the eleven countries of Southeast Asia.

Asian Capitals Quiz. Start. 47 Questions. Timer Bonus. Save your scores! Login before you play.

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