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Terraform nested for loop map

Current Terraform Version Terraform v0.12.6dev Use-cases While I found some examples on how to produce a list of maps, I am currently failing at producing a map of maps with a nested for loop. How would you go about producing: Outputs : a.

10. · Terraform offers several different looping constructs, each intended to be used in a slightly different scenario: count parameter: loop over resources. for_each expressions: loop over resources and inline blocks within a resource. for expressions: loop over lists and maps. Let's go through these one at a time.

From this stack overflow answer, I experimented and finally got my expression to work with only a single line. resource "foobar" "this" { for_each = {for user in local.users_config.users: user.

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For example, the following would order. UPDATE: as of terraform 0.12, tf now supports a new template syntax. You probably already know it’s not easily possible to loop through a variable of type slice/list within templates, in fact, there are no loop constructs within TF templates at all at this point in time.

Use a consistent file structure across your projects. Use modules wherever possible. Use a consistent naming convention. Use a consistent format and style. Hold your state file remotely, not on.

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