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Texas bison hunt

Hunt is 2 full days and 3 nights Meat bull hunts are $4500 all in Trophy Bull hunt is $6500 all in Included: Guides, meals, lodging, airport pickup/drop off from Amarillo Int'l airport, trophy fee for Bison, unlimited feral pigs, fishing, sporting clays, skinning, quartering, trophy prep, and taxidermy discount if you use my company.

Texas has lots of bison available to hunt. They are located on private ranches. These can be hunted anytime throughout the year but, we prefer November thru March as the weather is cooler. Bison permits can be obtained by: Purchasing a $48 Special Non-Resident Hunting License at https://tpwd.texas.gov/ No bison permit is required. Areas We Hunt:. Texas State Bison Herd: An Epic Journey, from Near Extinction to Celebration There is perhaps no greater symbol of the American West than the American buffalo, or more correctly, bison. The largest land animal in North America, it.

We specialize in putting the best bison meat on your table. So our bison hunting packages are for prime-eating bulls and heifers (approximately 18-24 months in age) which are generally going to weigh in the range of 600-850 lbs. on the hoof. You can expect to put roughly 33-40% of that live weight in your freezer (all boneless cuts), assuming a.

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Native to South Texas Bobcat $395 Javelina $495 Wild Boar (Meat / Trophy) $245 – $695 MISCELLANEOUS FEES Nonhunting Guest: $180 includes 2 nights lodging. Additional Night Stay: $75 per person. Guide Fees: $30 on hunts up to $495. $50 on hunts $500 to $695. $75 on all hunts $700 to $995. $100 on all hunts $1,000 and up. Cape and Quarter Fees:.

Once said to number between 30 and 50 million animals, the bison was reduced to about 1000 animals by the year 1890. Accounts vary, but it was hunted commercially for its hides and skins, exterminated to subdue the plains Native Americans who were dependent on them, and eliminated to make way for cattle ranching and farming.

Daily rate of $555 per hunter includes lodging, meals, open bar and guide fee. Exotic Hunt Lodging and Meals Non-hunting guest in the same room pays $195 per night for all-inclusive meals. Non-hunting guest in a separate.

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