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The walker family tree

The Walker Family In the beginning The first Walker arrived at Blayshaw Farm as a jester! The Yorke family took over Blayshaw, which is part of Studfold, after the dissolution in 1536, bringing their jester, or 'fool' with them. Much has been made of this first Walker, arriving as a 'fool' who went on to marry a dairymaid and live at Blayshaw.

The family's earliest confirmed appearance in records takes place in Littleport in 1768, when my 6x Great Grandparents Francis Walker and his wife known only as Sarah so far, took their first-born child Francis Walker to be baptised at St. George's Church.. Web. Web.

Jun 23, 1995 · Walker family history shows that this surname originated in Scotland and England and is derived from one of the steps in the making of woolen cloth. Walking, spelled as "waulking" in Scottish and "wealcan" in Old English, involved walking on damp raw cloth to clean it and eliminate oils and impurities as well as to thicken the fibers..

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Web. Surname: Walker (Source: Our Family Tree) Genealogy of the Page Family in Virginia Also a Condensed Account of the Nelson, Walker, Pendleton and Randolph Families (Source: Google Books) Ancestral Trails Genealogy research on ancestors of Walker and Palmer families in eastern Canada, New England and the British Isles.

Family tree of the Walker Web Site on MyHeritage. MyHeritage is the best place for families online..


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